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Certified Flight Instructor

Certified Flight Instructor


Becoming a certified flight instructor is considered one of the most important stages along your journey to the airlines. While you are not required to have teaching certificates to apply for the airlines, if you meet the hour requirements, it is becoming one of the most popular choices in building flight hours as well as having valuable experience to include on your resume in today’s competitive job market. Building hours as a certified flight instructor not only allows for increased learning but also involves teaching new students the thrill and challenges of becoming a pilot. There is no better way to learn the beauty and intricacies of flight than to teach!


Here’s how to get started:

US Aviation has partnered with Tarrant County College (TCC) to provide a Certified Flight Instructor continuing education course. This course is mean for those who already have an FAA Commercial Single-Engine Certificate and are looking to move to the next level – CFI. To enroll in this course, please contact TCC’s aviation department at 817-515-2129. All flight and ground instruction will be conducted out of TCC’s campus at Alliance Airport, just north of Ft. Worth, Texas.


Next course of action following the completion of the course will entail a review board with an appropriate chief to discuss employment as a CFI within the company!

Many of our students follow fast-paced programs which allows for a great opportunities to build hours quickly. Instructors can expect to build an average of 100 hours flight time per month.


Instructors earn base salary plus hourly extras for flight, ground and sim time.

A job will be offered upon completion of technical and flight interviews.


  • Envoy Pipeline Program
  • Travel/ Relocating Allowance
  • 30 days of free corporate housing

Any questions, feel free to call or email.