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If you dream of taking to the skies and fulfilling a personal goal of becoming a licensed pilot, choose to fly with US Aviation’s esteemed, FAA-approved flight school today. We will gladly do everything we can to help you achieve your goals on time and on budget. By choosing to fly with US Aviation Academy, you are choosing to receive flight instruction and training from one of the most highly rated CFR Part 141 flight schools in the United States. The Federal Aviation Administration has approved our instructors, flight programs and teaching materials, including our expansive fleet of aircraft. If you have ever wanted to become a pilot, our world-class flight school can help you achieve that goal.

Perhaps a job, family obligations and social interactions fill so much of your time that you think it must be almost impossible to find the time to become a licensed pilot. Perhaps you think receiving your pilot’s license would deplete your budget. Luckily, our flight school can work around your personal time and budget restrictions and customize a flight instruction program that will work for you. We will even try our best to put you with a flight instructor who will complement your own personality and make for an even more enjoyable and worthwhile experience.

Our Flight Enthusiast Courses

US Aviation’s flight school courses for personal pilot training are designed to work at your pace. Some students need to schedule classes around a career and family, while others are ready to jump in with both feet. We will take your unique situation into account when developing a custom training plan to fit your lifestyle and goals.

Private Pilot

A private pilot flies only for pleasure and personal business purposes. This means the pilot can fly any aircraft for any non-commercial venture and for which he or she holds a rating. Further, earning a private pilot license means you have more flying flexibility than a sport pilot. If you’d like to learn more about getting your private pilot license at our flight school, click the button below.

Private Pilot

Instrument Rating

An instrument rating is an amendment to your pilot license that allows you to fly through clouds, fog, rain and areas of low visibility by simply relying on your aircraft’s instruments. If it’s time for you to add an instrument rating to your resume, click the button below to learn more.

Instrument Rating

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